This 20$ Laptop Shoulder Bag is All you Need.

The order arrived well packed in an Amazon box the bag comes packed in a nicely printed plastic wrap. The bag’s material and color seems really nice to me. it’s not a fancy grade but its really good for a daily use. and you can wash it too.

The Good

~ I could carry this around almost the whole day as the bag itself doesn’t have any weight

~ my 15.5 Dell fitted just as fine not an issue there

~ the additional belt makes it really handy so  you can carry on shoulders as well as in hand

~ the inside of the laptop pouch is a nice & soft material which feels premium

The Bad

! it could have been slightly bigger in order to use the front pockets fully when the laptop is inside it really gives less choice for something to get in

Overall I really liked the bag and it serves as my daily driver at least to the office with all my essentials tucked inside nicely.

and it also comes in 7 Different Designs and colors. Follow to this Amazon link to buy one for yourself.

IF you want to buy this and want some discount on Amazon please let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Yes! I love this and what caught my attention with this post was that you were showing how to make the best use out of something that is inexpensive, like the $20 laptop shoulder bag that you can do so much with instead of spending 10 times that for a shoulder bag. To me that is wasteful and I am all about frugal living.

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