Fast Charging! Resolved for iPhone X & Note 8!

The selection of a wireless charger is a really complex thing because they are flooding all over Amazon.Finally, we

made the choice of this one seeing it works for both of my phones an iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8. The package arrived a day early than expected in a normal small brown box.the box includes the charger only.
~The charger really looks slim and better in shape than the others on Amazon
~ It Light ups every time you try to put the phone so even in dark times you can easily identify
~ the setup is really normal and simple.
~ Said to have protection against all kind of short circuits or voltage surge
~ CONFIRMED Fast charging with the Note 8. charges in the same fashion as Samsung wired charger.
~ Doesn’t include any kind of charging cable
~ supports old charging port instead of the USB C port so you cant use the charger and cable provided by USB
You can buy this from Amazon by clicking here for 16.81$

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