A little Tent for a Little Princess!

This would be the first time we would be reviewing a kids product. we were looking for a make-believe tents for a little princess.after searching through a lot and lots of tents we got our eyes on the Wolfwise products and we took our chance to get one for from them.
The package came just in time for prime shipping in 2 days and it was nicely packed in the big package.Once we took it out to set up I almost knew that this would be the long process but it was really like 1,2,3 and done kind of thing.here is our full process and the good and bad things found about this tent.

Out of the box, the package has only 3 things inside 4 rods(to make the tent uptight),1 tent (obviously!) and a guide for how to set and unset this up.
Once you open the tent, the springs will do its magic and the tent will just make itself. but it would be loose and won’t stand up until you insert the rods into it. and that is really fancy where the rods are quite sturdy but joined together with and elastic threads so that you won’t have much trouble inserting them up in the top and bottom part of the tent. the instruction is quite simple and clear in the guide.
Here are the few things we liked and disliked about the tent
The Good:
~ It’s made up of really nice and kid friendly material which looks really cute when put together
~ it’s really easy to setup that even you kids would love to do it.
~ the Storage bag is quite nice and takes no place when the tent is in the bag.
~ the ceiling is Light up in the dark with fluorescent stars in the tent ceiling.
~ you can store small items or toys in the inner pocket.
~ you can attach play tunnels to the rear door with hook-and-loop fasteners (sold separately)
~ the overall tent size is quite big compared to other ones on Amazon
The Bad
! while setting up the tent is quite and easy process. putting and packing it back takes some time if you don’t do it right.
! The Material gets crushed up once you keep it in the bag so it might look messy sometimes.
overall it’s a nice add-on to your little princess’s room and the seller is quite helpful in the whole process. we recommend it.!
You can find this cute tent on Amazon for 30$ from here

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