Prep Your meals like a PRO!

we got this one from Asani and got totally surprised by the quality of the product. the containers are really sturdy and the make and feel are really solid. it is very useful in order to use daily, I am using it for prepping my daily and weekly meals and the compartments are a really nice size in order to proportionate the meals properly.
Very impressed by the packaging and quality shipping from Asani.

I haven’t tried them in the oven yet but feels like it will deliver the same result. I have stored the puree as well and oh my they are really leak proof as they have mentioned.
Here some features we have found.

  • DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY: Unlike thin glass food prep containers that easily shatter or plastic food bowls that quickly warp out of shape and have dangerous chemicals, our meal prepping containers are made using thicker glass for extra durability and are completely BPA-free. Invests in toxin-free glass meal prep containers that you won’t have to keep replacing.
  • AIRTIGHT MEAL PREP CONTAINERS: No dealing with glass bento lunch boxes that leak during transit or compromise the freshness of your meals. Every one of our reusable meal prep containers comes with a snap-locking lid that creates an airtight seal to prevent messy spills as you carry your lunch to work and keep your food delish when frozen.
  • ON-THE-GO CONVENIENCE: Our glass multi-compartment meal prep containers come with a cutlery slot built right into the plastic lids. And we’ve included a FREE reusable spoon, knife, and fork set to make grabbing a healthy meal on the go a hassle-free affair. The cutlery compartment locks firmly in place for hygienic and mess-free storage of your flatware.
  • MEAL PREPPING MADE EASY: Treat yourself to healthy convenience with our glass 3-compartment meal prep containers. This glass bento set is carefully partitioned to keep the different food groups well separated, is thoughtfully-sized at 32oz to help with portion control, and is microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher-safe for convenience you’ll love. (LIDS are NOT oven and microwave safe)

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