Organise your way in to the 2018!

Its always good to start fresh and organized and for all our lovely OCD-readers Lasten has arranged a new product on Amazon a compartment organizing box which is totally adjustable.

Lasten® Adjustable Storage Box comes in the size 10.8″x7.3″x1.8″ with 36 Grids Jewelry Storage Box, it has Storage Case with Removable Divider, Also can be used as Storage Containers or Jewelry Organizers
※ Switch Buttons: 
There are two switch buttons on the jewelry storage box, which make it easier to open the storage container and keep your stuff safe.
※ Suitable for Small Items: 
Our plastic storage case helps to keep a number of small items apart. It can also be used to store a variety of pills and a variety of small drugs.
This is a clean practical jewelry storage box organizer, which is made of durable hard plastic, and here contain 36 Compartments removable dividers, only all the grid can be removable, this storage box use for storing earrings, rings, or other electronic components, spare parts, clothing sing accessories, and some variety of pills and a variety of small drugs.
※ Advantage
1: The Grid inside the box can be moved
2: Also available as a kit used to store a variety of pills and a variety of small drugs
3: Adjust the dividers to create your own size compartments
4: Perfect for storing earrings, rings, beads and other mini goods.
※ Clear Plastic Storage Case: 
The hard plastic organizer storage container is clear, better for observing and quickly searching for your stuff.
Buy it from Amazon for just $9.99 Amazon link

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