Little Bliss for your Car Audio Problems!

There are a plethora of problems when you want to connect your phone music to your car’s audio. sometimes the Bluetooth won’t pair because your car has an older version then your new iPhone, and sometimes everything is good but the new phone does not have an audio jack for the Aux cable.Sometimes it’s really hard to insert the Aux cable even if you have the audio jack because of that amazing protective case you bought you have used for your phone and sometimes there are just so many people wants to play so many different tracks all at once.
But thank god for all the above-listed issues there is one answer I recently found while looking at Amazon. This little portable charger will take all your worries away and next time playing something on the Car will not be on your list of life issues.

The Good

  • Plug it into the charging socket, turn your car FM radio on, find an empty frequency, and match it to this transmitter; Pair it with your phone via Bluetooth, then there you go! you have your own personal radio station for your self.
  • Support charging two devices simultaneously by the dual USB ports which output 3.4A total.
  • Insert a USB flash drive which contains MP3 files into the “RIGHT” USB port, then it will transmit and play the MP3 files automatically (Up to 32GB)
  • This has Multi-function Button Control: Play/Pause, Previous/Next song, Volume up/down; answer/reject calls, redial call.

The Bad
~ the build feels a little cheaper in my opinion
~ the buttons are little hard to operate when you are driving.
Although seems like a little thing which you can buy at a gas station, this thing has very powerful functions which used to drive you nuts while driving and playing music on the road.
Enjoy the drive without worries with just 16$ of pure bliss from Amazon.

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