#GoogleFlights : will alert you this time of the year #TechTalk

With new changes, the site will let you know how long until the current fare is expected to change when you’re browsing specific flights. The feature, which uses historical flight data to make its predictions, should make surprise price increases at least a little easier to avoid.

#MadeByGoogle PIXEL vs NEXUS : Should you really upgrade?

Google Just announced tons of new hardware to the world with their annual hardware event today (oct 4),unlike every year this year’s event had a new core theme. Everything they announced is hashtagged with #madebygoogle and that’s google’s giant first step in the world of hardware products preceding their own #Nexus hardware line with a strong product…

Microsoft Certifications Revamp : Here's All you need to know.

Microsoft has revamped its Certifications and Learning roadmap, Microsoft is trying to streamline their confusing-than-complex certification wing.With increasing the price of the exams worldwide and launching their pilot Academy program just two months ago academy.microsoft.com.they are targeting the new IT certifications in a unique way. Continue Reading on my site www.aboyinthebox.com

#GoogleAllo : Say #Hello to #Allo #AppReview

To start with the new messaging app touches base with lots of features from lots of already established giants in the arena, and I guess the only google could have tried to take this challenge as they have got huge successes like

Top 25 Hottest Skills in 2016!

I know you think Gardening or Catching a Pokemon or Answering profusely on quora is “HOT” and it is .. I am no one to judge here. but here are top 25 skills which the best Professional network Giant thinks .. and they are right because they will have Large Data to back this claim…

#MyTakeOn : Microsoft Azure: Bliss in disguise

Microsoft Azure, formerly Windows Azure, is Redmond’s cloud computing platform. In addition to its name change, the service has also recently expanded. Essentially, whatever you can do with traditional,